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Alsip IL

12121 S Pulaski, Alsip, IL 

(708) 926-2228

7am - 8pm | Monday – Saturday

8am - 8pm | Sunday

Taylor MI

27145 Eureka Rd, Taylor, MI 

(734) 992-8858

7am - 8pm | Monday – Saturday

8am - 7pm | Sunday

St. Charles, IL (East)

1639 E Main St, St. Charles, IL

(331) 235-5119

7am - 7pm | Monday – Saturday

8am - 7pm | Sunday

St. Charles, IL (West – Standard Wash)

3255 W Main St, St. Charles, IL

(630) 549-0124

7am - 8pm | Monday – Saturday

7am - 7pm | Sunday

Lincoln Park

3727 Dix Highway, Lincoln Park, MI

(734) 992-8858

7am - 8pm | Monday – Saturday

8am - 7pm | Sunday

Palos Heights

12101 S. Ridgeland Ave, Palos Heights, IL

(708) 385-8300

7am - 8pm | Monday – Saturday

8am - 7pm | Sunday


28900 Groesbeck Hwy, Roseville, MI

(586) 585-9876

7am - 8pm | Monday – Saturday

8am - 7pm | Sunday


Detroit Area 1


8am - 7pm | Monday – Saturday

8am - 6pm | Sunday

Clearwave Car Wash

Clearwave is the leading express car wash chain in the midwest, with high-quality wash locations across both Chicago and Detroit.

Express Car Wash

An express car wash is a fast, convenient, and efficient way to clean your car for people who are on the go. Express car washes are long tunnel-style buildings which contain a conveyor and specialized automated wash systems that use high-pressure water and soap to clean your car in just a few minutes. This saves you the time of having to wash your car yourself, or having to wait for a team of people to do it by hand at traditional full-service car washes.

The Express Car Wash model first became popular in the year 2008, with the introduction of the RFID tag to the car wash industry. An RFID tag (typically called a FastPass tag) gets placed on a vehicle’s windshield and is easily read by a scanner. This FastPass technology gets connected to your credit card, allowing customers to become members at a car wash so they can pull up and go through even faster (without rolling down their window)! The speed and convenience of the express car wash along with FastPass technology have lead to an explosion in popularity of this type of wash in recent years. You have probably begun to notice them in your town!

The Leading Express Car Wash

Clearwave Car Wash is the leading express car wash in the Midwest. We are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive car wash; we are simply the best 3-minute car wash you can buy.

Clearwave only uses the highest quality chemicals and neoprene soft-foam brush technology that won’t scratch your paint (like other soft-washes can). We pride ourselves on our quality so much that we always offer a “re-wash” gaurantee on any wash you buy. Not happy with how your car turned out? Just go through again (for free) until you are!

Clearwave Express Car Wash saves you time and cleans your car BETTER than when you wash your car yourself. We make sure your car looks its very best! So come checkout the location nearest you today, and let us get you cleaned up!


Free Vacuum, Free air for tires, Free carpet mat cleaning. Every time you wash!






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